How To Create A Miracle

I kid you not, I just created a miracle today. 

I’m at Starbucks now at the time of writing this piece. In a few minutes they are closing, and in a few hours another day is closed. However, I’m so happy now, and my heart is dancing.

Here’s what happened:

I came to Starbucks to finish some work. Wanted to get a green tea, so I headed to the counter.

I handed a $20 bill to the cashier waiting for the change. All of the sudden, an idea came up:

“Why don’t I make a surprising, anonymous gift to somebody and see what happens?”

I told the cashier to keep the change and give the lady who was the second one behind me whatever she ordered for free.

Right afterwards, I stepped over to a table nearby and watched.

The lady ordered a smoothie. Just as she was about to pay for it, the cashier told her “one of our customers wanted to light up your day and she has this as a gifted for you.”  

The woman’s eyes sparkled. “Excuse me?” She looked around — almost couldn’t believe it until the cashier repeated it slowly at her, then there was a beautiful, glowing smile on her face, and all the exhaustion that had appeared on her face previously, probably from an entire day of work, was instantly gone.

I had this instant electric feeling of warmth spiraling up on my spine into my heart when I saw that smile on her face. Thinking that was it, I went back to sip my tea.

The next thing I knew — the lady didn’t take the gift!

She leaned over and whispered something to the cashier, paid the money, and walked out of the door with what I could see as an almost bigger smile on her face.

She told the cashier to pass the gift to the next customer!

And guess what happened next — it was exactly the same for the next customer!

Then the next, the next, and the next….

After 18 customers, someone finally took the gift, and the cashier came to me with a change of $11.17.

Then we both laughed…she probably got thirsty from repeating the line once and once again. And what happened in the past 10 minutes blew the mind of both of us!

Starting from only 1 person, a simple gift has probably become the highlight of the day for 18 wonderful human beings. It touched their hearts, and gave the lonely, depressed, and exhausted souls a big excitement moment, letting them feel what it was like to be kissed by an angel.

But there was something that blew my mind even more:

When you lit up one person, the whole world around him is all lit up. The impact just goes on and on and on….In fact, it never stops because these 18 people, plus myself and the cashier, are sending the energy and the bliss further to more just like I’m emailing you this now.

Seeing this chained effect immediately reminded me of my lovely clients:

Karen is such a happy mother now because she lost weight and found confidence in herself again — her children are now happy because she’s now the role model they are proud of!

After breaking free from the weight loss and food addiction conundrum, Candice is a much more confident, energetic and happier manager at work now and her clients and colleagues feel inspired by her every day!

And Kirsten the chiropractor now sees her real potential after naturally losing 15 pounds in 4 weeks — instead of feeling the imposter syndrome at work, she has brought in a much deeper and stronger resolve and caring when seeing her clients. Every minute of being herself is so valuable and fun.

This is why I’m doing my work — the impact doesn’t just stop at one person, and it gets passed on and on and on…And everybody wins.

For instance, by saving 60 women, I’m saving 120 children or more. And this lesson I’ve learned today has definitely reinforced my confidence and faith in this mission I’m on.

So I invite you to join the force. If you desire to lose weight sustainably, regain your power, and re-ignite your life so that you can start inspiring the whole world around you, schedule a free breakthrough conversation with me as soon as you can.

There’s no reason to hold back when you are fully capable of achieving your real worth.

There’s no reason to waste more time because if you lose, they lose — whether “they” are your children, parents, friends, spouse, or teammates….

I said this conversation is free, but I do hold a clear, non-negotiable standard on who this is for.

First of all, it’s not for dabblers. As you can see, I’m very devoted to my work because I believe in all the value it’s bringing into this world. My time is only for people who are as serious as I am — they are sick and tired of being sick and tired, and they want to win no matter what it takes. These are what I call “winners by heart.” To a dabbler this conversation will have no value since he will only dabble (if you are a dabbler, please don’t schedule); but to someone who’s defiantly committed, this conversation is going to change his entire world.

Secondly, it’s for people who are fully coachable. I have no time to convince anyone, and I only talk about what is proven to deliver results . This is only for people who realized that those 50 diets they’ve done are NOT WORKING, and they are ready to empty their cup to finally win.

P.S. This idea of gifting Starbucks isn’t my original. I first got inspired Adam Robinson when he talked about his interest in Tim Ferris’ book The Tribe Of Mentors. I decided to put this idea into use right after reading Adam’s interview, and I’m glad that it worked well. 🙂

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