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“5 month ago, I had a Breakthrough Conversation with Leslie. Now I’ve lost 31 pounds, reached my lowest weight ever since having my daughter 7 years ago, and I’m neither dieting nor exercising.”

— Amanda, California

“This is the most valuable and empowering conversation I’ve ever had about my body. Within an hour, Leslie helped me find out what exactly was going on with my body, why I haven’t seen any sustainable results despite 17 years of efforts and what was needed to get there. All she gave me was clarity and hope which I’ve lost since a long time ago. And it worked like magic as I started seeing fat coming off my belly, back, thighs, arms, and everywhere else… I wish I’ve had this conversation 10 years ago and that would’ve made my life very different!”

— Tiffany, Massachusetts

“Leslie is the reason why my husband and I had to resize our wedding ring after 14 years of marriage. Having lost 47 pounds naturally, I’m changing 2/3 of my wardrobe .”

— Sarah, New Jersey

“I never knew I could lose the weight without being obsessed with dieting before this conversation. Leslie showed me the how in this conversation. And that’s how I began to those 45 pounds effortlessly and started enjoying who I am.”

— Sarah, Michigan

“Every time I weigh myself, I just see myself becoming lighter, lighter, and lighter and it keeps working again, again, and again…It’s unbelievable because for about 10 years I’ve been living with the conviction that I would never lose the weight.”

— Janina, Germany

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