4 Pounds Off A Week…By Not Trying

My client Alaina is feeling ecstatic lately. 

The first week she joined my program, she immediately lost 4 pounds in a way called “not trying.” No exercising. No calorie counting. No Carbs banning. No fasting. No restrictions. And not one iota of stress. 

Hear Alaina sharing her amazing experience by clicking on the video above, or if it isn’t convenient at this moment, here’s the abridged version of what she said: 

“When I took the Week 1 lesson, I was wondering how this was gonna work because I would say things that I could eat was ‘worse’ than what I usually eat….I don’t eat any rice, I don’t really eat any carbs at all unless it’s with vegetables, and now I’m eating mushroom, bacon, soy sauce, and rice….And oh the other thing I thought when I was shopping, the chicken thighs meat! We never eat chicken thigh meat because it’s more fatty and it’s always chicken breast. So I was like ‘there’s no way this could work’… you know….” 

“So I started the program on Monday, on Wednesday I weighed myself and I lost 1 pound. And I thought it must be a fluke or whatever….On Saturday, I weighed myself again, and I was 3 pounds off, and this is given that I’ve had lunch party thing at work where we had nachos and diet soda etc.” 

Actually, someone immediately losing 4 pounds a week isn’t uncommon amongst my clients — even if they stop dieting completely. 

When REAL weight loss happens, it happens FAST. And here in this example we have someone who has tried virtually everything to lose weight during the past 9 years but nothing worked for her. And now, this jaw-dropping experience of automatic weight loss only happened once she stopped trying and completely surrender to the magic experience that was unfolding.

It happens ALL THE TIME.  And if you’ve followed me for a while, you’ve probably heard Janina’s story of losing 40 pounds (without trying or forcing anything), Anne’s story of losing 28 pounds naturally, Michelle’s story of losing weight while being on a vacation in Santorini, Elisa’s story of replacing 2/3 of the clothes of her wardrobe, Sarah’s story of having to resize her wedding ring after 14 years of marriage because she has lost so much weight and was sure that it was never coming back again….plus the wins and long-run success of many others who I’ve worked with. 

And let me tell you, NONE of my clients had to work out. 

To Alaina the surprises don’t stop here. 

Besides the pleasant experience of feeling and becoming lighter naturally, eating becomes stress-free and deeply satisfying. Now her entire family is OBSESSED with what she makes because it’s so delicious, and her daughter Amaya would choose her ‘weight loss’ recipes  – which allows freedom, indulgence, and no restrictions – over rotisserie chicken which used to be considered a real TREAT before Alaina started the program. 

Mover over, under Alaina’s influence, Amaya already started participating in cooking the meals now. And I was just telling Alaina yesterday that a holistic, healthy, and satisfying lifestyle is what’s going to enable Amaya to enjoy many advantages and opportunities growing up, which many of her peers who grew up with unhealthy, toxic food and body image mentality don’t get to have in future. She will win opportunities easily. Her unbridled confidence will make her invincible. And she will never need to hide herself or live with the fear of judgement and a lot of unfulfilled potential.  And that, as a gift from her beloved mother, trumps any other gift a teenager girl can ever receive her parents — whether it’s a lavish vacation in Kyoto, Japan or a luxury car in the James Bond movie. 

I hope this post has done a good job illustrating for you what it’s like to lose the weight sustainably.  

Again, when real weight loss happens, it happens FAST. 

Remember at the end of the day, it’s about two things: SIMPLICITY and PLEASURE. And it’s the simplicity and pleasure that are going to sustain the result for you for a really long time. 

So if you are still trying to lose the weight through self-deprivation or restriction and still closely watching or crazily obsessed with counting calories, carbs, or fasting etc., you should know this is a dead-end by now. 

It’s a dead-end because after all the stress and suffering, the weight is going to come back because your willpower, no matter how strong it is, will always submit to biology. 

It’s a dead-end also because the more you diet, the more you lose the ability to live like a normal, healthy person — emotionally, mentally, and physically. And that’s the time when you lose you. 

As someone who teaches women to lose the weight while re-embracing freedom, I know real changes start from a person’s DECISION to be free. 

If being free is the decision you’ve made for yourself, book a Breakthrough Conversation with me to learn how easily you can start creating miracles. 

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