3 Psychology Hacks For Losing 5lbs This Holiday (Without Compromises)

It’s Holiday time!

And this one — trust me — can slim you down.

A few weeks ago, I sent you an email that gave you simple, stress-free tactics to have a naturally thin holiday. Check out the full write-up of how I indulged 3 weeks but gained 0 lbs here.

In today’s email, I want to focus on removing 3 destructive voices in you that can easily make you submit to the cravings, risk your hard earned results, and even make you gain 5 lbs within a short month.

If you use the hacks I teach you here, you can easily lose pounds instead even if the others are busy gaining them.

At the very time when these destructive voices hit you, open this email and read the hacks. This will help you get through the toughest self-debating moments at those festive dinners and gain the peace of mind and results.

Let’s start now.

DESTRUCTIVE VOICE #1. “I’ve already eaten one chocolate, might as well eat the whole bag of chocolates.”

Usually, you have this voice inside because you think you’ve already fallen off the track as you eat that chocolate, cookie, or something you think is the taboo. In your mind, you’ve already lost the game, might as well just indulge.

Here’s my take: “fall off the track” — as well as the similar phrases — is the root problem here. What it does is that it leads you to think that once you embark on the “track,” there’s no turning back or way out. And it feels almost as if you are on a train to a fixed destination and once you jump out of it, your game is over.

That alone leads to the scarcity mindset which is what really causes the debate “should I eat it, or not?”

The hack: forget about the “track.” Realize that you are not on a train, but driving on a road. It’s up to you to turn left, turn right, go straight, or make a u-turn — anytime, anywhere.

Whenever you feel the urge to take the second, third, or 4th cookie, I want you to close your eyes for three seconds and visualize driving on a road with many outlets ahead of you.

Remember you don’t lose the game by having a chocolate or two, you lose the game by admitting defeat and letting go.

DESTRUCTIVE VOICE #2. “I don’t wanna miss out.”

Sometimes, you have this voice inside when you are full but want to eat more food because you think you are missing out on it otherwise. This is the time when your mind feels extremely itchy, almost making your hand reach out to the food container/plate.

The hack: read the following word-by-word to yourself:

“What I truly DON’T want to miss out is feeling good about yourself, waking up tomorrow morning without feeling like a failure, and the sense of real contentment that comes from the self-confidence and security that I’m the person I want to be. I want to be pleasantly surprised by my results, not condemn myself for being a victim of temptation. By missing out on the cheap indulgence, I’m being that person who makes me proud.”

If one time doesn’t work, read it 3 times. I know you’ll get over that destructive voice pretty easily.

DESTRUCTIVE VOICE #3. “I’ll start tomorrow.”

The hack: here’s something you might not have been aware of before: 100% of those who have failed to lose weight and become heavier and heavier over the years have been telling themselves the exact same thing.

Now, ask yourself seriously: do I want to be one of them?

These are the 3 voices I wanted to get rid of for you immediately. Whenever you are debating with yourself, open this email and re-read the hacks I sent you.


Tomorrow – exactly the Thanksgiving Day this year – is my birthday. And I think a very fun and unique way to celebrate it is to make you and the act of giving the theme of it.

So I’ve got an exciting idea here:

If you are having your big Thanksgiving dinner of the year, starting from 7:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. EST on 12/24, I will make myself available to answer your questions – whether it is about that chocolate you want to have but not sure about or another destructive idea you have which you want me to talk you out of.

You can ask me questions like:

“Leslie, my grandma made a very delicious tiramisu cake and I just had one, talk me out of having another!”

“Leslie, give me a reason why I should not have over 2 chocolate bars tonight.”

“Leslie, I’m watching my sisters indulging. I don’t want to do the same but I feel I’m losing control, help!”


This is the time when you can reach me and get my real-time help, let’s play out.

Also, if you need to ask me a technical question about eating (such as “am I eating enough protein today?”), make sure you give me enough context in your email so that I can just answer it directly without asking for more details.

Can’t wait for the AMA to start. It’ll be fun.

My email: leslie@riselean.com.

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