I’m Leslie Chen — Founder of Rise Lean and the ultimate coach for sustainable weight loss.

Most people (95% dieters according to New York Times) fail to lose the weight sustainably because they haven’t yet developed the body and mind that pass beyond the weight struggles and obsessions. And through rounds and rounds of dieting, they’ve sabotaged their bodies and mind using what FAD tells them to do and the bandaids and disciplines that flight their own biology and insanity. No one can fight his own biology — it means that this is a lost cause to start with. So they lose and gain the same 30 pounds for 5 years, letting the constant anxiety, stress, shame, suppression, and obsessions turn them into everything BUT the magnificent self they’ve been dreaming to be. Hence, instead of making their bodies match their beautiful inner identities as they wanted to from the very beginning, they end up changing their inner identities, thoughts, emotions, personality, energy, and life throughout years and years of living what they aren’t. Therefore we hear “how come I’ve made no progress over so many years?” The truth is that you can’t end this problem without getting over the above-mentioned pattern, pressing on the Reset button, and restarting fresh.

This is what Rise Lean is about — the reset. Here we help people achieve natural, long-lasting results with focused food, body, and mind trainings which — unlike the exhausting physical workouts that produce short-lived results — are subtle, deliberate, and powerful enough to rewire your natural response towards food and restore the body’s natural instincts and senses. Your mind becomes free from the thought of food, weight loss, and dieting. And you’ll see that when REAL weight loss happens, it not only happens fast, but also happens in a way which is peaceful, liberating, and irreversible.

Imagine the fabulous years and decades ahead of you without a thought of dieting.

Here I’ve got 2 valuable resources for you. What you learn from them will give you the critical Step One towards the RESET. Here we go if you’re ready for learning the truths.

“Every time I weigh myself, I just see myself becoming lighter, lighter, and lighter and it keeps working again, again, and again…It’s unbelievable because for about 10 years I’ve been living with the conviction that I would never lose the weight.” — Janina Ziegler, Germany

“I’ve struggled as you know for 15 plus years and now almost 40 I can say this is the first time in my life I’ve had enjoyment in situations with food vacations and loving myself. Thank you for your love and guidance. ” — Kerri Fendi, California

It used to be IMPOSSIBLE for Vanessa Gibson to put down the chocolate, the cake, the candies….It was impossible for her to actually feel satisfied….It was also impossible for her to lose the weight sustainably. But now, 4 weeks in our coaching at the point of this conversation below, she’s already SATISFIED, IN CONTROL, and NO LONGER STUCK.