Read this page carefully to visualize where you will be in just a few short weeks….


Ultra-Simple Secrets From East Asia That Help You Instantly Eat Better, Mute Cravings, And Make You Lose Half A Pound Every Day Without Dieting, Counting, Measuring, Or Exercising. 


Get A Body That CAN’T Easily Gain Weight — Within Just Weeks…And Live Without A Scale, Unapologetically.


Do you have Asian co-workers around you who eat rice and pho for lunch all the time and have deserts mindlessly? Have you ever wondered how come they’ve broken the most important weight maintenance rules that everyone’s following, but still have the skinny body, glowing skin, shiny hair, plus the sharp performance that everybody wants? In fact, they may even live longer. According to CDC (Center of Disease Control) in the US, Asian Americans live the longest amongst all population groups, outliving the second winner — caucasian Americans — by as many as 8 years on average.


The truth is that there are some simple things that they’ve been doing generations after generations, which makes gaining weight 10X harder than losing it. These things give them the huge natural advantage on everything from health to performance.

They’ve been rarely talked about by the western “experts” and “gurus” because they have no idea. And today, you are about to learn how they can melt away every extra waist inch even if you…do nothing.


And I’m writing about this because I know what it is like.

I know what it is like to get up in the morning, and not finding one single dress that makes you feel confident as you should be in that conference room — just because of those few extra waist inches.

You knew you could look perfect in that beautiful Ann Taylor dress, which is a few sizes smaller.

You’ve been working really hard for that goal. You sweat in the gym as often as you can, you’ve been cutting back on lasagna even though you really like it, you may have even gone onto Ketogenic or Weight Watchers and counting points every day.

And you can’t remember when was the last time you enjoyed a meal wholeheartedly, without counting or fearing anything.

“5X effort should lead to 5X results, so it’s all about working harder.”  — you think to yourself. But you start questioning the statement once you stand onto the scale and see the needle stopping at exactly where you don’t want it to be.

“What the hell did I do wrong?!” Your stomach churns. You realize the relationship between effort and results are non-linear.

And all of sudden, your belief changes. “Maybe I’m an exception.” “Maybe my body is meant to be like this.” “It could be the genes.” — you think so because it feels like that your body is working AGAINST you at full throttle.

You have to fight hard to lose the pounds, yet your body keeps holding onto every ounce of it and making things 100 times more difficult for you.

You don’t know what to do now. If you stop the diet, you’ll quickly gain back the weight and ruin months of results. But whatever you are doing now cannot sustain for the long run. And that leads you to think:

“Should I give up?”

This question stings, and this is because to give up would mean to admit failure and forego rights over some of your emotional belongings and long anticipated dream moments, such as:

The ecstasy you feel when getting into your dream dress.

The I-Can-Do-It confidence which qualifies and defines you as a high achiever to start with.

The moments of enjoying the mother-daughter time and meals with no guilt.

And that elated feeling when looking into the mirror every morning.

There will be so much unfulfilled potential just because of some extra inches….it’s unfair.  Therefore, you’ve been faithfully trying to lose weight no matter what — even if you’ve paid 10X the effort while getting only 10% of the result, and even if you know in mind that the result will not last….

I, once in your shoes, know exactly what it all is like.  


And what I’m about to tell you now may be something that you’ve never heard of. But it’s true and crushingly powerful as billions of people have been living it generations after generations with substantial, long standing results.


Through that, I’ve lost 50 pounds in 10 months and never had to think about weight loss again in the past decade.

And every single person I taught it to has got amazing results that used to be their wildest imagination — effortlessly getting to the lowest weight in 2 years over just one week, without even thinking about weight loss.

Do you want to learn about the method used here?

I know you are busy, that’s why I’ve capsulized everything you need to know into this one single page. Do read carefully and even silence your phone because you do not want to be distracted at this moment.

First of all, out of so many things we’ve touched on above, one thing is true for sure:

The relationship between effort and results are non-linear in weight loss. Unlike 95% people who pay 100% of the effort to only get 5% of the result, you can reverse the game. By doing 5%, you are getting all that you want.

And what I mean is: you may lose 18 pounds in 5 weeks without going through any diets, spending time exercising in the gym, eating diet pills, going low carb, doing hypnosis, or going through a bariatric surgery, etc.

Yes, losing 18 pounds in 5 weeks while escaping all the pain — just as my student Eliza did. It means that she was losing half a pound every day on average without doing anything crazy/funny. You can scroll to the bottom to read about her write-up about this experience. And she’s not the only case.

Anne, my other student, lost 28 lbs effortlessly, successfully went back to her pre med school weight and her progress didn’t end because we stopped working together.

Michelle, a TV producer in LA, lost 8 pounds and a size in just 4 weeks.

Sara, a busy working mom from New York, lost 5 pounds and 1 size effortlessly in 3 weeks. Wanna know how she celebrated her new body, new life, and new freedom?

A fabulous weekend trip in Venice, Italy where she wore her newly bought a vibrant-colored red dress and confidently took photos of herself at Piazza San Marco. Suddenly she became so attractive and radiant that men on the street couldn’t take their eyes off her….And for her, that was a first in many, many years. 

By the way, for Sara, it was a breakthrough to wear red confidently vs. the dark colored clothes she used to stick with because she believed they made her look smaller.

She kept losing more weight during and after that trip. And in her own words, ”it feels like my body was automatically slimming down.”  

She’ll tell you more about her journey at the bottom of this page.


While my students come from different backgrounds and different parts of the world, there’s a common path they’ve shared: they’ve lost weight without having to work on it, or think of it. And most importantly, the results are permanent.

“But wait a minute, how do you know it’s permanent?” — You’d ask.

This is because they’ve learned things that helped them turn their body from working against them to working for them — through SIMPLE wisdom that billions in East Asia have been applying in their everyday life for a period that’s longer than my life, my parents’ life, my grandparents’ life, my great grandparents’ life, and their great grandparents’ life….

These things are the reason why when you go to countries like South Korea, Japan, and China, you don’t spot overweight people often — in most cases, you’d be lucky to find one — even though they love eating, don’t count calories, and most of them don’t bother to work out after work as meeting with friends is a lot more fun.

(In case you didn’t know this, the obesity rate in The entire East Asia is less than 5% vs. 37% in the US. It used to be close to 0% not long ago before the era of full-force westernization.)

And what do I really mean by “turning their body from working AGAINST them to working FOR them?”

Feel the excitement:


It’s crystal clear: you live your life, enjoy everything. And the next thing you know: you’ve lost weight and changed the entire game — IN JUST WEEKS!  But how do you turn your body from working against you to effectively and furiously working for you?


I don’t want to bore you with the technical details. However, you can easily achieve it by quickly and effortlessly realizing the following:   

#1. Rewire your mind to enable yourself to indulge without overeating intuitively. Imagine gracefully refusing even your favorite food — without a single moment of struggle or debate — because you are full. In weeks, this will become the second nature.


#2. Instead of battling against the cravings, you don’t feel them to start with. And you are not hungry anymore.


#3. You have a new normal appetite. You don’t count the calories, but if you ever counted them, you’d realize that you are eating way less but getting unusually satisfied.


#4. You burn more fat at every single minute. How do you know it? You’ve got endless energy that enables you to perform better on every level.


In fact, if you think about it, you’ll realize that without mastering the above mentioned core skills, you can never achieve REAL weight loss or become free. But once you’ve done it, everything else takes care of itself — including the weight. And I assure you: IT’S DAMN SIMPLE.

In case you wonder how long it may take to internalize this new norm — usually, it takes 1-2 weeks.

Imagine the change —  from deprived, limited, and frustrated, tired to free, in control, energetic, and capable. You just live a normal person’s life and watch the waistline shrinking while feeling increasingly confident day by day.

And all of a sudden, you realize you are no longer dieting, and you just broke free from the dieting mindset that has trapped you for years.

That instant and perpetual FREEDOM is delicious….


The truth is: with the simple, crushingly powerful system you’ll learn, you end up doing 5% of the work and getting 100% of the results done automatically.


That’s like taking an uber car running at full speed, with the destination set and motion automated. Afterward, it will be harder to regain the weight than losing it because everything you’ve gained will run on its own for life.

It’s like learning to ride the bicycle: once you’ve learned the balance, you can’t unlearn it.


Who Am I?

I’m not a nutritionist, “guru,” doctor, or scientist. I used to do everything “scientific” — with the perfectionist’s precision — when trying to lose those 50 pounds, yet ended up missing a whole year of joy. After my year-long hardcore efforts and a series of backfire, I still avoided seeing myself in the mirror every morning when brushing my teeth.

I couldn’t use willpower to beat hunger because hunger is a natural force that I couldn’t beat. And I didn’t want to give up carbs because I grew up enjoying them with my family. I went into this rabbit hole of doing every single diet that existed and doubted myself all the time. So I gave up on those. And eventually, I lost those 50 pounds naturally with simple Asian food wisdom that I grew up with (I’m from China).

It’s been 10 years of automatic maintenance so far — even during the years when I was working in the fast-paced Financial Services / Management Consulting industry in NYC and had absolutely no time to go to the gym on the regular basis.  (To read my full story, click here.)

So far, I haven’t thought about weight loss ever since 10 years ago. And it still felt like yesterday when I used to believe that I’d be counting calories for my whole life.

Now I coach busy people to help them achieve rock-solid results without wasting months and years of life on dieting. In fact, I help them get to their goal — healthy, permanent weight loss — 10X faster compared to what they’ve normally done for themselves.

The process is delicious and joyful, and people don’t realize they are on a weight loss journey if they didn’t constantly get amazed by how much they feel increasingly lighter and look better.

Other than my personal weight loss story and coaching experience, there’s one more thing you need to know about me: I’m an ambitious high achiever just like you are. And Rice Lean is the business that I’m growing, which I know will stand through the test of time. For that reason, I only offer the best to people. And that explains why even my free materials are way more valuable than over 90% of the paid programs you can find in the chaotic health and weight loss industry. If you are on my email list already, you know it’s true.

And why am I doing this?

Because you want real, long-lasting weight loss, and I have the simplest, real, life-long solution to it — tested not only by me and my students but an entire subcontinent of people over hundreds of years at least.

Because you could have saved X number of years of your life from suffering from those pains, worked much less while getting results that blow your mind.

And because NO ONE else is teaching it….


If we work together, the following will happen very quickly:

Consistent, automatic weight loss through an ultra-simple and powerful system which saves you a ton of time and effort.

In the meantime, you’ll walk out of this program realizing that you are naturally eating much better, and less, while feeling surprisingly satisfied at every meal. You’ll realize your appetite is shrinking naturally, almost overnight, without feeling any hunger! This new normal lasts lifelong.

You’ll stop gracefully at the second serving of your favorite dessert without having a single moment of debate. It feels as if you’ve never had any addiction to it before.

You’ll stop fighting cravings because they won’t happen in the first place.   

You’ll sleep while burning more calories than you once did when you were awake. While that’s true, you won’t think in terms of calories anymore.

And I almost forgot to mention: you’ll have a food life that is hassle-free, healthy, and delicious — I’m not going to promise you that your meals that take 10-15 minutes to make are better than food at any restaurants since there are Michelin 5-stars run by the world’s top chefs. However, still be very careful because your family members who don’t need to lose weight may want to steal your meals because they are really, really tempting.


(Freddy is a vegetarian who enjoys the vegetarian version of the dishes.) 


You are not achieving these by practicing habits (which requires willpower). Instead, you are simply restoring your natural instincts, which last as long as you live. Hence, the system will run on its own permanently. You are fully in control of your body and your relationship with food. And since you didn’t do anything crazy to lose the weight to start with, you won’t need to worry a bit about gaining them back.

Everything happens automatically through making a few simple, powerful tweaks. It’s what makes it effortless. And unlike playing the “willpower game” of dieting — the guaranteed cycle of failures that brings you endless stress, negative thoughts, and disappointment, this gives you a smooth, breezy experience full of surprises and pleasure. It lets you live your life worries-free.

You can get everything in just a few short weeks if using this system that I can teach you, which — instead of being developed in a lab — is what billions of people have constantly been doing for hundreds and even thousands of years as far as the record shows. That’s how you know it works 100% and failure-proof.


And where will you be afterward?

You can just grab that little black dress in your wardrobe and put it on at any time, knowing it will fit — whether it’s 3 years, 5 years, or 10 years from now….

You’ll have the certainty that you can grab any dress in the store and look good in them even though you don’t keep a scale at home like me (I haven’t had one for 2 years);

You’ll feel great about yourself whenever looking into the mirror or taking a photo of yourself;

You’ll become a more proud parent (or future parent)  — think about never disappointing your children because you don’t have enough energy to play with them. And more importantly, you are raising successful children. Through introducing them to an ultra-healthy way of living and mindset now, you ensure that they are given a winning health and performance advantage over their peers for their entire life. They’ll never need to diet, deprive themselves, or hesitate to take photos of themselves for once in life. Neither the high risk exposure to diseases like diabetics, heart diseases, and obesity nor the feeling of unworthiness due to the body image will ever be their issue. 

Your medical bills may disappear, and no more seeing the doctors and feeling uncomfortable;

You’ll feel confident in achieving the high aspirations you’ve set for yourself, or just the little simple things like:

Enjoying every meal with your family on any day of the year — no guilt, no self-deprivation, no debating, no complicated feelings;  

And more….

As I did, you’ll probably ask yourself at the end of the day why the heck you wasted so much time and effort on dieting  — just to gain the weight back — when you could’ve just sit back and watched the inches coming off automatically while totally relaxing and having fun.  

Also, be prepared to see the expression on your co-workers’ face when they see you after a few weeks. There are usually two types of reaction based on my students’s experience: either being secretly jealous about you or coming towards you for tips because they see you sliming down and becoming sharper, energetic, with glowing skin while eating things that they wouldn’t believe you’d be eating — such as rice.

Yes, you can eat things like rice and there’s no need to ban carbs. I’m not only telling you this but also told USNews and their tens of millions of readers the same thing when they interviewed me last year.



On the flipped side, think about what would it feel like if 3 months later — by which you could’ve lost 20 pounds automatically and had a total life makeover, you are still carrying the extra weight and struggling over the same pains you’ve been struggling over for a long time? 

And here’s the thing: students who followed through this system have all got the results they wanted in a way that’s healthy, natural and effortless. The success rate has been 100% so far. It’s failure-proof. And it’s extremely rare in weight loss coaching if it ever happened.

Below you’ll hear how ordinary people like you have seen their wishes becoming true:

#1. Sara — a single working mom of a 13-year-old son living in New York City. For 10 years, Sara believed that she couldn’t because of her genes. Her biggest barrier to lose weight: time, a good routine, and her “gene” limiting script.



#2. Freddy — Principal Consultant at a Consulting firm who works with senior executives at global financial institutions. His biggest challenges are: time and the lack of the skill to cook healthy and delicious meals without spending much time.



#3. Eliza — a management consultant turned entrepreneur who has been trying to lose weight for over a decade. Eliza dreamed have the same beautiful body that her grandma used to have.



#4. Eboni — working mother of 2 beautiful children living in Philadelphia, PA. Her biggest struggles: sweet tooth and time.


There are so many mind-blowing surprises you can experience in just a few short weeks. And as you can see, what I’m promising here is not to lose 10 pounds because you can easily lose 10 pounds by doing some crazy diets (then gain it all back in a month)….

My promise, instead, is to make it the truth that to you, losing 10 pounds, 20, pounds, 30 pounds, and in the end living a slim, attractive, and healthy life is just a normal, everyday thing — so that you can pursue all that you want unapologetically, without worrying about weight once again in life.

And all it takes is a few simple tweaks over several short weeks. 


The only questions are: are you willing to give yourself a chance? And do you think you deserve it? Or, do you prefer to be one of the 99% who struggle to lose weight for months and years just to gain it all back, then accept they must fail?


It’s your call. However, if you do want to work with me on a private coaching program and see irreversible results within several weeks through an ultra-simple system, you need to be ready first by meeting two criteria:  

First, you are not looking for a quick fix but are serious about learning something you can take with you for life and extend to your family.

Second, you are open-minded to new concepts, and ready to UNLEARN the dieting mindset and rules.

I only work with 3 people at each time.If you think you are a good fit, I’m more than happy to hear from you. Just check spot availability and apply for one by filling out this form here. If you are a good match for this program, we’ll soon have a breakthrough conversation and take a deep dive to discover your potential and what’s the best outcome you can get…within weeks.