How Much Fat Should You Eat? An International Perspective

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  One of the biggest observation when I first came to the US was the massively different role that fat-based foods play in people’s daily life here, along with the entirely different psychology around it. For many Americans, eating foods rich in fat is a lifestyle. For instance, cheese and cream are inseparable parts of life. Family movie nights can’t … Read More

I Lost 50 lb Without Cutting Carbs, You Can Do It Too

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Entrepreneur and Publicity Coach Selena Soo once sent her community members an email named “Show Me Your Friends, And I’ll Show You Your Future”. In this email, she talked about how her friends with a humble beginning have jump-started their life and business by surrounding themselves with the right influencers. Generally speaking, to be successful, you need to surround yourself … Read More

How I Lost 50 Pounds without Trying

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If you knew me in the past 9 years, you’d probably never think that I’ve ever struggled with weight in my life. At 19, I came to the US for college as a very slender girl. Being completely lost in the different food culture here, I quickly put on 30 pounds in the first semester – that was ¼ of … Read More

The Definitive Guide To Effortless Weight Loss With Tea

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Have you always wanted to start bringing tea into your life but don’t know where to start? Have you wondered why everyone is saying tea is the healthiest slimming drink but don’t know how to use it correctly? As a Chinese who grew up from a tea-drinking family and coming from a culture where everyone is so great at using … Read More