I Hated My Skinny Friend

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I remember watching my friend Alice eat on our weekend away.  She weighed 130 lbs and didn’t gain an ounce of fat despite eating cake, chocolate, wine, lasagne or ice cream.  I hated her a little bit that weekend.   I hated watching her effortlessly glance at the menu without pulling out her calorie counter.  I hated watching her select outfits … Read More

How To Create A Miracle

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I kid you not, I just created a miracle today.  I’m at Starbucks now at the time of writing this piece. In a few minutes they are closing, and in a few hours another day is closed. However, I’m so happy now, and my heart is dancing. Here’s what happened: I came to Starbucks to finish some work. Wanted to … Read More

Chinese New Year (2019) — Calories And Carbs Welcomed!

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Today is the Chinese New Year (CNY) Eve, and starting from tomorrow, we are in the Year of Boar according to the lunar calendar which is followed by Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Singaporeans, and Koreans all around the world, for thousands of years. I was at the Time Square NYC and saw the Chinese New Year celebration commercials on wall of … Read More

4 Pounds Off A Week…By Not Trying

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My client Alaina is feeling ecstatic lately. The first week she joined my program, she immediately lost 4 pounds in a way called “not trying.” No exercising. No calorie counting. No Carbs banning. No fasting. No restrictions. And not one iota of stress.  Hear Alaina sharing her amazing experience by clicking on the video above, or if it isn’t convenient at … Read More

How Janina Is Losing 40 Lbs Effortlessly

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I’ve been telling many people that to weight loss, dieting and exercising are unnecessary. But my confession to you today is that probably like you do, most people didn’t believe it at the beginning — until they saw their life-changing results happening. A few days ago, I did an interview with Janina, a recent client of mine who has recently got … Read More

“I’m Not Losing Weight, Only Losing Inches.”

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Standing on the scale can give you one of the most nerve-racking moments — “What if I’m not losing weight?” “What if I can’t lose weight?” It’s the moment when you get the sentence — have you made it, or not? Just a few weeks ago, I received a long email from a reader Beth. She has been religiously following … Read More

Real-Life Moments: You Deserve To Feast Like This

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Last Wednesday was the Chinese New Year Eve —  the long-waited time of the year to indulge in tables and tables of deliciousness. Feasts jokers firecrackers — they say. And every year around this time, the families would throw the MOST affluent, voluminous, and festive dinners with our family and friends to usher the good fortune and prosperity for the new year — like … Read More