Is it you?

“For so long I’ve been thinking ‘I’m bigger than other women in the office’. It’s so frustrating, and I definitely want that feeling gone, FOREVER.”

“I have a great career, good family, and friends…. but it all seems to matter little when I feel unhappy about my weight.”

“I’ve already given up on dressing well…. Even if I dress up a little bit, I’m still going to be judged.”

If that’s you, you are near the end of the pain because here, I’m going to teach you Asian food and nutrition wisdom that melts away fat ferociously and heals your body naturally.

Who am I? 

Hello, my name is Leslie.

10 years ago, I moved to the US from China and gained 30 lbs in 4 months.

I tried every single diet available – low-cal, low-fat, Atkins, and 7-day fasting, etc.- and worked out in the gym 8 hours a week.

The result was the yo-yo frustration, 20 extra lbs that came from it, and deep, serious eating disorder. And whenever I looked at myself in the mirror, I had the fear that what I saw would be my reality forever.

Luckily, I lost those 50 lbs in less than a year. All that started from a summer vacation back at home in China where I got to re-introduce the Asian food culture and wisdom into my diet again.

These Asian food and nutrition wisdom melted away fat ferociously, and within the first month, I lost 14 lbs.

After returning the US, I kept implementing it in my life here. And even though I ate carbs regularly, had delicious meals almost everyday, skipped the gym due to my busy schedule, and totally passed the idea of “small portions,” I was losing weight non-stop.

Within 10 months, the remaining 36 lbs were gone.

And you know what was the best part of my weight loss journey?

There has never been a “maintenance” stage because it was all natural.

During the past 11 years, I haven’t done anything to maintain my weight, and I haven’t had a scale for two years. The freedom feels amazing!

Using what I’ve learned in my experience, I’ve been able to coach people from around the world to get the same results. My biggest joy? Seeing my students lose a couple of sizes effortlessly and excitedly ask me “what did I do that clicked?!”

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So how can I help you? 

In two ways:

1. You can take my free mini course where I share with you 4 most ultra simple, powerful techniques I used to get my students unstuck and lose weight consistently every month. With these tips, my students are able to lose up to half a pound a day.

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