About Me


“It’s not the life I imagined for myself. For so long I’ve been thinking ‘I’m bigger than other women in the office’. It’s so frustrating, and I definitely want that feeling gone, FOREVER.”

“I have a great career, good family and friends…. but it all seems to matter little when I feel unhappy about my weight.” 

“Now I’ve gained back all the weight I lost. I feel like a miserable failure, and it makes me cry and become so angry.” 

“I’ve already given up on dressing well…. Even if I dress up a little bit, I’m still going to be judged.” 


Above is what people told me one on one, and the list of similar struggles goes on and on….

Whenever someone says these words to me, it makes my stomach cringe because I was once in the same shoe and with the same crippling fear – the fear that the extra 50 pounds would shadow the best years of my life, that I’d be a nobody, forever, who lives a mediocre life….  



My name is Leslie Chen – a Management Consultant turned Health Coach. This is me in the picture:



However, if you ever knew me back in college, you’d have seen me as a different person then.   

Timid. Quiet. Nobody.  Anyone around me could see me in that light. 

But the truth is: I was ambitious, smart, and fast-thinking. And I was able to see things in ways that others weren’t. It was just that sadly, all these merits only existed in my little shell.

It felt lonely to be unseen.

Desperately hoping to make my outside match my inside again and have the whole world see me differently, I did a series of diets including Atkins, 7-day fasting, intermittent fasting, cabbage soup, 700-calorie days, and worked out for at least 2 hours a day.

You might have heard of the story that in order to stick with Atkins, I lied to the school that I had diabetics and asked them to custom-make a grilled chicken breast for me twice a day.

I lived on chicken breasts for a few months, and once Atkins failed miserably, I was left with 50 pounds, plus a deep, serious eating disorder.

During those days, I was drowning in fears:

“Maybe I’ll never love my photos.”

“Maybe I don’t deserve to be in that dress.”

“Maybe I’ll be a nobody forever.”

“Maybe I’ll let my low self-esteem ruin the best years of my life.”

“Maybe I’ll give up on me.”

Nevertheless, like a lot of life-changing stories, mine had a twist too.

It was a trip back in China that changed my life entirely.

And to be more specific, it was my mom who saved me by bringing me back to the Asian life regimen which I’ve lived on for my first 18 years.

Going back to the Asian routine was how I ended up losing all 50 pounds within a year. 36 pounds were lost in the US after the trip, and there was no calorie-counting, carbs-curbing, treadmill work, or fasting.

Everything was natural. And what came in life afterward were amazeballs: all in sudden, I found the power to do so much more in life.

For example, I could finally get through the gym classes without having to stop in the middle;

I could finally feel comfortable smiling back when the clothes shop staff greet me as I enter;

And I could show everyone who I really am….

All these changes then led to a series of ripple effects in my life that changed my entire trajectory in ways that I’ve never imagined.  

Shortly afterward, I got a well-paid internship in Torino, Italy – with a Global Fortune 500 company. A new life started from here….



If you decide this is finally the time for you to take the positive move about your health and body so that you can have your outside match your inside, and enjoy what life is meant to be like for you, I have something very unique and powerful to show you.

In short, it’s how East Asian people do it that enables them to be naturally slim and easily make peace with food, even if they love eating so much and are often-time voracious eaters (they are the people who greet each other by saying “Have you eaten yet?”) 

It’s far more than the typical “healthy eating” everyone’s been talking about, and it’s not “genes” as some speculate. Want some proof? I think the before picture above says it all. 

This Asian-Inspired Ultimate Guide to Naturally Losing 30 Pounds, which I’m working on, will have everything explained from A to Z. 

And it will give you meaningful guidelines on how you can make that happen in your life too. 

This Guide is currently being beta-read by a group of 500+ beta readers. The final version is planned to be released in late June or early July 2017. Please stay tuned about it, and if you need a notification once it’s published, email me at leslie@ricelean.com.