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Hi, I’m Leslie!



When I moved from China to the US 11 years ago, I learned a lesson that I did not sign up for: how to gain 50 pounds effortlessly. I tried every diet I could find to lose the weight, but became very frustrated that they got me into a even worse place — both physically and emotionally. Finally, it was during a vacation back at home in China when I experienced  dramatic weight loss of 14 pounds — in a month — just by living like how I used to live and getting satisfied by all the delicious meals I used to have at home. I carried a few crushingly powerful tips with me back to the US and lost the remaining 36 pounds without trying.


So far, it’s been 11 years of effortless maintenance. Not needing a scale at home feels great! And I’ve been teaching these ultra-simple, powerful tips that kept billions of East Asians in shape to thousands of followers and students worldwide — so that they can get into the little black dress without starving, counting calories, banning carbs, or going through the emotional turmoil caused by dieting and self-deprivation.

It’s incredible how these simple, long-standing wisdom from East Asia have worked out so powerfully with people from around the world!

Just feel the excitement here:

Sara Tan — Working Mom, New York City

“Before working with Leslie, I’ve been trying to lose weight for 10+ years….Now, for the first time in many years, I’ve got co-workers complimenting me because I’ve got into shape…I feel so much younger, more energetic….and I even lost weight during a very delicious, indulging vacation in Italy….What surprised me the most was that even though I’ve dropped a size in just a few weeks, I don’t even feel that I’m making an effort to lose weight as the experience is so enjoyable and instead of depriving myself, I feel satisfied all the time! I remember my cravings were gone by the 2nd week of coaching….It almost felt like my body was automatically slimming down, and I not worried about keeping it off because this time I’m not even working hard to get the result!”

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Eliza Bulz — Entrepreneur, Romania

“Through working with Leslie, I’ve lost 17.5 lbs in 5 weeks. Still counting, but the real transformation is going on on a much deeper level…Leslie’s plan is easy to follow, she had me focused on satisfaction and joy. Now I’m no longer obsessed with food and eating…I can enjoy the food without regretting it a few hours later or feel like I’ve cheated… and I’m capable of leaving food on the plate without exercising willpower or control…just yesterday I was thinking ‘WOW I’m doing this!’ Because of that, I can focus on my life and work….(and) I already feel a heavy burden has been lifted off my shoulders.”


To learn why and how my unique approach works, read here.

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You can easily lose 10 pounds in a month.

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