Want to lose 50 pounds EFFORTLESSLY just as I did, and maintain it NATURALLY for 10 years and longer (without having to think about weight at all)?

When I lost weight, I skipped dieting, stopped “small portions,” ate every gram of carbs I loved, and even ditched the gym. Now, it’s been 9 years of natural maintenance.

All I did was applying a pinch of timeless, simple, and delicious Asian food and nutrition wisdom that automated weight loss.

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Or read my story:

Hi, I’m Leslie.

About 10 years ago, I was on Atkins to lose my newly gained 30 pounds in school. In order to stick with the strict disciplines in the student cafeteria, I lied to the school that I had diabetes and asked them to custom-make a grilled chicken breast for me twice a day. The Atkins journey failed miserably, I was left with 50 pounds to lose and a deep, serious eating disorder.

It was the same year when my then-boyfriend joked about framing my old “dress of honor” and hanging it on the wall since I’d never get back into it. I had a volcanic explosion inside and broke up with him the next day.

During that year, I had very few friends. Not because that I didn’t want to socialize, it was because I couldn’t find the clothes that made me look and feel good.

Later in that year, I flew back to China for the summer vacation. My mom, by bringing me back to the Asian life regimen, helped me lose 14 pounds in a month without dieting, counting calories and carbs, or gym visits. I then lost the remaining 36 pounds in 10 months, effortlessly, after I left China. Ever since that, I no longer had to fear that the weight problem was going to ruin the BEST years of my life. And so far, I’ve been naturally maintaining my weight of 10 years.


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“Natural” here means no calorie counting, carbs-curbing, food weighing, supplements, treadmill, dieting, or fasting.