DOWNSIZE the Dress Size and UPSIZE Life 

While millions of people diet for decades but still can’t lose the weight, my clients enjoy the REAL results through SIMPLICITY and PLEASURE — without worrying about the weight coming back again.

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Hi, I’m Leslie Chen — Founder of Rise Lean & Ultimate Weight Loss Coach for women. 

I’m here to show you how getting into the little black dress can be such an easy, stress-free, and fun process — using authentic wisdoms from China. 

Client Says:

“EVERY TIME I weigh myself, I see myself getting lighter…. It just works again, and again, and again.” — Janina Z.

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So the secrets to real, sustainable weight loss? 

SIMPLICITY that makes sliming down a natural, stress-free process. 

PLEASURE that makes freedom the everyday routine. 

You should be effortlessly losing those 50 pounds in <1 year and keep it off easily. 

If you are dieting, exercising, and depriving yourself without seeing sustainable results…we need to talk.

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Here’s what we’ll accomplish in 60 minutes:

Your expected weight loss goal and progress.

Exactly how you will get to the goal.

What’s been holding you back from losing the weight sustainably.

And How to get past those problems.

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